Eight months later.

Chi Yangyang gave birth to a daughter, and all the Yin Family members gathered at Jiangbei.

When everyone was in high spirits, Hang Jin's face was dark, as if everyone was lacking a few million from him.

Yin Susu found a chance to look for Hang Jin: "Hey, kid Jin, Yang Yang has just finished producing, why are you wearing a dark face? Do you respect your sons over your daughters? "

Hearing that, Hang Jin said unhappily: "So what if I'm a boy or a girl? As long as it's Chi Yangyang who gave birth to me, I will like it. "

Yin Susu then asked: "Then why do you have a darkened face?"

"Does my dark face need a reason?" He was angry, angry that Chi Yangyang had almost lost half her life in the delivery room that day, but he could not help in any way.


During Chi Yangyang's pregnancy, after she looked through a lot of information, he believed that the probability of a Caesarean section happening to a pregnant woman was lower.

Chi Yangyang, that little fool, thought that the fetus should be in its right position, that there should be no problems with the checkup, and insisted on following her own hard work to produce the child.

He had fought with her for months over whether she would give birth to a child via caesarean section, but the little fool had refused to give in and allowed him to watch her give birth to so much pain.

Yin Susu glared at him: "Hey, do you know that a pregnant woman's mental state is very weak and sensitive after giving birth to her child? Aren't you afraid that Yang Yang will misunderstand you now that you've thrown your face away?"

Hang Jin sighed, "Actually, I am afraid."

Yin Susu: "You're still scared?"


Hang Jin said, "In the past, I thought that there was nothing I could do to protect the woman I liked. But the day she was in the delivery room, I realized how useless I was. I couldn't do anything to help her while she was in pain. "Say, a woman's physique is weaker than a man's, so why do you want a woman to become pregnant and give birth to a child? Why can't a man become pregnant and give birth to a child?"

Yin Susu did not expect Hang Jin to say such words, and she was extremely gratified: "Brat, work hard. Perhaps in a few decades, humans will be able to have children and not just women."

"I'm not talking to you anymore, I'm going to see my treasures." Hang Jin personally mixed some milk powder and sent it to the room. Just a moment ago, it was black head and black face, but when he entered the room, his expression immediately became gentle, "glasses woman, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

"Being taken care of so well by you, it's hard for me to not feel comfortable." Before the birth, Chi Yangyang was worried that Hang Jin, this thick-headed elder, would not be able to take care of the child, so all the responsibility of taking care of the child would fall onto her shoulders alone.

Unexpectedly, not only did Hang Jin take care of her well, even taking care of his child was more qualified than her as a mother.

Originally, his family invited Yue Shuang as sister-in-law, and Mama Hang also wanted to help take care of the child. But Hang Jin insisted on taking care of the child personally, not only did he have to take care of her, he also had to change the child's diapers and feed them.

"It's time for the child to drink the milk. I'll feed the child. Sleep for a while longer." Hang Jin carried the child gently and fed the milk in a familiar bottle, meticulous and considerate.

Chi Yangyang did not need to take care of her children. She had enough sleep every day.

She looked at Hang Jin, and then at Xiao Budian who was in his embrace.

After her father's incident, she felt like a si

er. She had never thought that she could live such a simple and peaceful and blissful life.

It was Hang Jin who accompanied her at her side the entire time, allowing her to stand tall.

"Brother Jin..." She called out to him softly. Hang Jin immediately raised his head and looked at her, unable to conceal the care and concern in his eyes. "Is there something wrong?"

Chi Yangyang grabbed onto Xiao Budian's tiny hand with one hand and held Hang Jin's hand with the other: "Brother Jin, did I tell you that I love you?"

"Nope." Hang Jin answered. It was only after a long while did he finally react to what Chi Yangyang had just said, "glasses woman, what did you say?"

"I said I love you." Chi Yangyang smiled mischievously at him.

"I understand, go to sleep. Don't talk anymore." This damned little woman, she said those words to him now. Didn't she know how seductive those words were?

If it wasn't for the fact that she had just given birth, he would have made it impossible for her to get out of bed for several days and nights.

Hang Jin's tone was bad, it was the Hang Jin that Chi Yangyang was familiar with. However, she was very clear in his heart that he was just a bit fierce on the surface, but was actually considerate to her in every way.

In the past, her feelings had been slow, and she had never known what her feelings for him were. Later, she realized that he had already invaded every corner of her life.

Because she was used to his existence, she felt that it was natural for him to exist. Naturally, she relied on him and trusted him. In these few months, she deeply realized that this trust and dependence was love.

She wouldn't be able to leave him for the rest of her life.

Outside the door, Yin Susu who was listening to their conversation was genuinely happy for them.

Many people said that the feelings of youth could not withstand the test of time. Once they entered society, everyone would change.

However, Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang used actual actions to tell everyone that the childhood sweetheart's emotions were simple and pure;

And where was the man who had taken her hand and led her to the end of her life?

Just as she was thinking, the phone notification in Yin Susu's pocket received a new message. She took out her phone and saw that it was from Shen Jimo.

He said he was downstairs and wanted her to give him, her suitor, a treat.

The last time they came back from the airport, on the second day, he took the initiative to contact her. They went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together to get the divorce certificate.

She had thought that once they got married, there would no longer be any relationship between them. However, he would always appear wherever she appeared. He had said that it was a 'fortuitous meeting'.

When he came to the Jiangbei this time, he had really chased after her. It seemed like he pla

ed to use all the ways she had chased after him in the past on her body.

Yin Susu didn't want to bother with him, so she couldn't even be bothered to reply.

After a while, his message came again: "I'm at the door."

If she continued to ignore him, he would probably enter the house. She did not want him to be in the mood to affect her family, so she had to go out to meet him.

Yin Susu opened the door, and as expected, Shen Jimo was standing at the entrance. Seeing her, he smiled: "Miss Yin Susu, please give me face so that I can treat you to a meal."

Yin Susu's head was spi

ing wildly because of him. He could understand more about what she had done to him in the past: "Shen Jimo, don't you have to work? When did you become so free? "

"In the past, I lost too much of my job and lost my beloved woman. Now, I want to find some time to get her back. Do you think I can still find her?" He looked at her, his eyes filled with the deep love that he had been familiar with in Yin Susu's university.

However, she did not dare to easily believe that it was not easy for her to pull herself away, as she did not want to step into the mud anymore. "Shen Jimo, there are some people who miss a chance, but can't find a way back."

"But I think I missed it. If I can turn back in time, I can get it back." He knew that he had hurt her too deeply in the past to make her believe him again.

However, he still had a lifetime to pursue her.magic