Chapter 1: A Divorce that Could Happen Anytime Now

Some say marriage is the tomb of love. I don’t care if it is the castle of love if there was no love to begin with—Ye Yuwei.

The sun was shining over B City in the evening.

The waiter had refilled Ye Yuwei’s coffee several times. Yet, the person she was expecting did not show up.

No one in the coffee shop said a word as they focused on the man on the television.

Gu Juexi. He was not a renowned scientist, but played a decisive role in the field of science. He is the most unrestrained childe 1 of B City, but no one would call him a fuerdai 2 . He looked like he was derelict in his duties as a CEO, but had pushed his enterprise to a peak that it has never reached before.

Scientist, fuerdai , CEO, any of those names were appropriate for him, but at the same time inappropriate. This man, was a multitalented genius.


In the news, he could be so easily spotted among the crowd. His black tux, tall and straight physique, and masculine face were the perfect creation of God. There was no word that could be used to compliment this man.

His arm was gently held by a woman. The news on TV was about him and a famous movie star getting caught by the paparazzi at a hotel.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Gu… Mr. Gu is in the middle of something…” said Mr. Gu’s personal assistant, just as the wind chime hanging at the door of the coffee shop sounded.

Ye Yuwei looked up and saw the personal assistant looking awkward. She could hear the news on the TV speculating if the CEO of Gu Enterprise and the hotshot actress Yu Sha’er were dating and whether they were tying the knot. Looked like this was the “something” Mr. Gu was in the middle of.

Feeling even more awkward, the personal assistant lowered his head. The truth was, Mr. Gu never did plan to come. It had always been this way.

“Please have a seat, PA Wen.” Putting her emotions aside, Ye Yuwei smiled.


Ye Yuwei was really not one of the best-looking. It was fair to say she was the least beautiful amongst the rumored girlfriends Gu Juexi had.

The only thing Ye Yuwei had that other girls did not have was probably her eyes, which was the only reason why Gu Juexi agreed when his mother asked him to marry her.

The personal assistant smiled awkwardly and took the seat opposite Ye Yuwei.

“Is there anything else I can help you with, Mrs. Gu? Mr. Gu has another appointment in the afternoon with…”

“It’s okay PA Wen. I don’t need to know his schedules anymore.” Ye Yuwei interrupted, looking down to hide the emotions in her eyes.

She shouldn’t have hoped the moment she learned the truth.

PA Wen was surprised. Ye Yuwei used to always ask for Mr. Gu’s schedules. He couldn’t remember when Mrs. Gu seemed to have lost interest in everything about Mr. Gu.

This made PA Wen concerned.

Ye Yuwei drew out some documents from her handbag and put it in front of PA Wen.

Realizing what document it was, PA Wen was stunned: “Mrs. Gu, you…”

Ye Yuwei smiled, feeling relieved as she saw the divorce papers in PA Wen’s hands.

“Please pass this to Mr. Gu, PA Wen. I myself have signed the papers. I can go to the registry for the divorce anytime at his convenience.”

Ye Yuwei realized that she has never been this relieved since she got married.

She lived in her dreams and fantasy of the married life with Gu Juexi during the first year of their marriage.

She acted like a fishwife during the second year of their marriage scolding and swearing with hatred at the women around her husband. That was when their relationship began to turn sour.

She learned a truth that she was not supposed to know during the third year of their marriage, and stopped clinging onto him.

It has been four years now and she was ready to let go.

Still stunned, PA Wen stared at the documents in front of him, not noticing that Ye Yuwei had left.

Outside the coffee house, the soft setting sun shone on Ye Yuwei’s face as the warm summer breeze blew. Ye Yuwei smiled—it was not that difficult to set herself free.