The End

Because Old Master Lu was persistent and begged persistently, in the end, Falcon was grateful for his father’s painstaking efforts and felt sorry for his father’s helplessness. He became his father’s lobbyist and persuaded Qiao An and Huo Xiaoran to return to the Lu family to acknowledge their roots.

Because Huo Xiaoran had previously sworn to Qiao An that he would never have any contact with the Lu family in his life, Huo Xiaoran was unwilling to break his oath and did not respond.

On the other hand, Qiao An advised Huo Xiaoran, “Grandpa is old. It wasn’t easy for him to see the light. At this age, he should be able to gather with his children and their offspring. You and I shouldn’t deprive him of this joy. Brother Xiaoran, go home.”

Huo Xiaoran asked Qiao An deeply, “If I go home and Lu Xiaoyun comes up to me again, what will I do?”

Qiao An smiled. “Don’t worry. Lu Xiaoyun has been sent overseas by Second Uncle.”

Huo Xiaoran said insincerely, “Since my wife wants me to go back, I can only obey.”


Qiao An pinched his cheek. “Enough. You’re pretending to be innocent. I’m afraid you’ve long wanted to go home.”

Just like that, Huo Xiaoran chose a good day and returned to the Lu family.

Old Master Lu had already transferred the manor he lived in, and he had moved to a quiet side courtyard. It was obvious how much he valued Huo Xiaoran’s return.

Qiao An and Huo Xiaoran were flattered. They quickly came to the side courtyard and invited Grandpa back to the front yard.

Huo Xiaoran said, “Grandpa, you’re an elder. How can we take over?”

The old man said, “I’m old. It’s a waste to live in such a big house. You have a lot of people.”


Qiao An thought for a moment and gave Huo Xiaoran a look. Then, Qiao An said to the old man, “Grandpa, why don’t you stay with us so that we can take care of each other? If you don’t go, we won’t dare to live in it. If you live in it, we can live in peace.”

The old man couldn’t dissuade Qiao An, so he could only move into the main courtyard uneasily. He was originally worried that generations of people living in the same building would see each other frequently. The age gap was huge, and there would be many conflicts and differences. It would make life incompatible.

Unexpectedly, after moving in, he realized that Huo Xiaoran and Qiao An were two young people with especially high career ambitions. Moreover, the couple had a harmonious relationship; they respected the old and loved the young. They were extremely unanimous in fulfilling their filial piety.

The couple lived a poetic life. Qiao An was straightforward and cute. Xiao Ran was tolerant and magnanimous. He showed great concern for the old man, be it in his daily life or schedule.

However, if the old man made a mistake, Qiao An would criticize him seriously. She simply didn’t take his prestige and reputation seriously. She just treated him as her family. She would criticize him very harshly for secretly eating candy. She would criticize him for staying up late at night and not looking after his body.

As time passed, Old Master Lu felt that Qiao An was not like his granddaughter-in-law, but more like his precious granddaughter who had integrated into his bloodline.

What made Old Master Lu even more gratified was that when Qiao An mediated the family conflict, she could also respect her uncle and aunt without caring about fame and fortune. The second branch slowly let go of its grudges against Xiaoran and Qiao An.

The Old Madam of the Lu family had originally been paralyzed in bed for many years. It was also Huo Xiaoran who used his superb medical skills to slowly make her recover her senses. Occasionally, the old man would push the Old Madam out for a walk.

The first year after Huo Xiaoran moved into the Lu family, it was the first New Year. Qiao An suggested that the Lu family and the Huo family spend the New Year together. This way, they wouldn’t neglect the Huo family’s relatives.

Old Master Lu agreed with Qiao An’s suggestion, so the two families happily celebrated the new year.

During dinner, Falcon sat beside his parents and whispered, “Dad, Mom, we have to thank Qiao An. She’s a benefactor of our Lu family.”

“Because she was the one who pulled Xiaoran out of the quagmire, Xiaoran saved me later. That’s why there was today’s happy reunion of the Lu family.”

Old Master Lu said, “That’s right. An’an is a good child. She’s not vain for richest or fame. Moreover, she’s smart. Having her is the greatest blessing of the Lu family.”

Everyone couldn’t help but look toward Qiao An. Unexpectedly, Qiao An was helping Sisi carry the swaddled child and didn’t care about eating. After eating a few mouthfuls, Sisi said to Qiao An, “Sister An’an, come and eat. I’ll carry him.”

Qiao An turned around and reminded Sisi, “You just gave birth not long ago and your body is weak. You have to recuperate well. Hurry up and eat. Don’t wait for the food to turn cold.”

Huo Xiaoran walked over. “An’an, I’ll carry my nephew. Go eat.”

However, the child cried very hard in Huo Xiaoran’s arms.

Not to mention Huo Xiaoran, even Huo Zhou could not carry the child.

Zhou Zhou’s mother sighed. “Sigh, for some reason, this child only acknowledges Qiao An and Sisi. He cries if anyone else hugs him.”

Qiao An was very patient. “It’s fine. He’s getting older every day. The child grows very quickly. In the future, I won’t be able to carry him even if I want to.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother praised Qiao An. “Aiyo, my silly An’an is the best at finding joy in suffering.”

“She’s naturally optimistic. If not for this girl’s optimism, she wouldn’t have lasted until now.”

Old Master Lu sighed. He tugged at his son’s hand and whispered, “You have to remind Xiaoran at all times that he has to cherish such a good wife.”

Falcon laughed loudly. “Dad, don’t worry. How can Xiaoran have the confidence to abandon his wife? He’s penniless now. Without Qiao An, he’s nothing.”

Old Master Lu looked at Falcon in surprise. “Xiaoran doesn’t have money anymore?” Just as he was about to say that he would invest his funds in Xiaoran, he heard Falcon say, “Xiaoran transferred all his company’s funds to Qiao An. He’s just Qiao An’s worker now.”

Old Master Lu was stunned.

It surprised him to know the extent to which Xiaoran doted on his wife, but it surprised him. He had never seen a man who dared to block his life in marriage.

At this moment, they heard Huo Xiaoran’s clear voice suddenly. “The new year and new weather. Bless my big baby. Be healthy every year, have a smooth year, and be happy forever.”

Then Qiao An’s gentle voice. “Hubby, you too!”

A few sighs came from the corner of the wall.

“The big baby and the little baby are both treasures. Why is the difference in treatment so big?”

“Ask the internet?”

Everyone laughed at the three children in the corner.

At this moment, Ki Ki’s voice sounded. “Isn’t the greatest joy to have us as children?”

“You’re right,” Joey said.

Angel Joe cheered excitedly.

“Daddy, Mommy, you must be happy forever.”

The sound of firecrackers sounded, and beautiful fireworks appeared in the air.