Chapter 2267_End : the big shots taking care of the kids (finale)

“no, i won’t let you go, darling. have you forgotten? you’re the one i love the most!”

‘ you’ll be very happy if you live with me in this paradise. i’ll give you everything you want. darling, i beg you, don’t leave my side, okay? ” feng qi looked at mo nan chong, her eyes filled with deep affection.

“little seven, i’m not the one you need. believe me, you need a psychiatrist. i have a rough idea of your past. i can find you a psychiatrist that is most suitable for you.”

mo nan Chong was still trying to persuade feng qi. feng qi shook her head. ” i don’t need anyone. i only need you. darling, can you be with me? ” don’t leave me, okay? if you leave me, i won’t be able to live!”

li jiujue had already walked up to them. he pulled mo nanchong into his arms to protect him.


he looked at feng qi. ” without her, i can’t live.

feng qi fell into silence.

the people around also tried to persuade feng qi. because he didn’t hurt darling, everyone was relatively friendly.

of course, feng qi didn’t listen. so, storm, critical hit, and several other animals secretly went around feng qi’s back and directly attacked feng qi.

“i’m giving you back the medicine you gave me.”

mo nan Chong looked at feng qi’s limp body and lifted him to the wheelchair. ” i think you still need a psychiatrist. don’t worry, i know a very good doctor. he will take you to the doctor for treatment.


“i don’t need it.” feng qi was still stubborn.

of course, he didn’t have a chance to refute. after master Chong and the others dealt with the current situation, they took feng qi away directly.

the audience in the live broadcast room was a little disappointed. [ i thought there would be a big war! is it going to end like this?

[ i’m a little disappointed! ]

[ but grandpa pet’s action of taking down feng qi just now was quite cool! ]

[ no matter what, i’m relieved that i’m fine. ]

[ so, is the trip still going to continue? [ or will our show end if it ends directly?

[ it should be over! ]

that day, the director announced that the trip program was over. although they didn’t film anything about the trip, they did a live broadcast of everything in the manor, which satisfied everyone.

they would see each other again after the next episode.

meanwhile, after meeting the president of Z country and confirming that the

matter here was basically resolved, master pet and the others left Z country.

after returning to the country, everyone started to get busy with their own things.

of course, 9th master had started to be inseparable from his favorite master. he

was always worried that she would be snatched away by someone else.

as for feng qi, he was sent to a very good psychiatrist. after treatment, his condition became much better.

he had also become friends with li jiujue and would occasionally chat with master pampered. he was no longer so persistent about master pampered.

a year later, lord rong and the others caught the person who released the virus in the laboratory in country Z.

that laboratory was also the laboratory that had always wanted to deal with lord rong and lord chong.

they were researching something that required the blood of lord rong and lord chong. however, they didn’t succeed in the end and were caught by lord rong and lord chong.

three years later, master chong won the best actress award. she broke away

from master rong’s shadow and became the most popular best actress in the country.

huge posters of her were everywhere around the world. no matter where she went, no matter which country she went to, everyone knew who her beloved master was.

of course, when they mentioned master chong, everyone would think of master rong, but they might not think that master chong would lose to master rong.

in three years, not only did mo nan chong win the best actress award, but he also did many things that shocked the world.

as the car drove along the city road, mo nan chong took off his sunglasses and

looked up at the huge poster of himself outside, deep in thought. xu ruohuan brought her to a huge public square.

the square was surrounded by huge posters of her. just as she looked up, the lights around her suddenly dimmed.

the whole world suddenly turned dark. at that moment, a glowing helicopter landed not far away.

li jiujue alighted from the helicopter with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. A beam of light hit him, and light began to appear around him. Countless balloons flew into the air with the words “i love you” on them.

master pet turned around and saw many of his family members around. everyone was looking at them.

lord rong leaned into lord fourth’s arms. she was a little dissatisfied but also a little touched.

“darling, marry me!”

li jiujue knelt down on one knee and handed over the bouquet and ring.

mo nanchong was a little touched. she felt a lump in her throat as she accepted

the flowers and looked at the man in front of her. Countless memories of her

and him flashed through her mind, be it in this life or in the past.

she was finally going to put on the wedding dress for him. three months later, countless big shots from all over the world showed up at his wedding.

her wedding had shaken the world. li jiujue had given her the best of everything and made her the happiest bride in the world. a year later, master chong gave birth to a pair of twins.

the group of big shots began to fight over the twins, just like how master rong had been when she gave birth to the darling.

of course, no one could beat lord rong and lord fourth this time.

the two of them had already become grandparents, but they were still very good at fighting, and they were still young and good-looking. time had never left any traces on them, and even their personalities had not changed much.

” lord rong, isn’t it time for me to carry the child? let me carry the child! ” li chenle looked at lord rong expectantly.

“you brat, don’t think that i didn’t see you sneakily eating the cabbages i grew yesterday. they’re not ripe yet, and you’re snatching my grandson away from me? go and plant the cabbages back!”

“i’ve already eaten it, how do i plant it?”

” we didn’t steal any cabbages. can you let us hug your godgrandson? ” a group of big shots around them stuck their heads out and looked at lord rong’s direction humbly.

lord rong glared at them and didn’t allow any of them to hug him. however, the little one who had just learned how to walk actually got up and ran off on his own.

a few minutes later, the little one dragged a huge yellow cow into the room, shocking everyone and the cow.

one look at the little boy and one could tell that he had inherited his strength from lord rong and lord chong. he was a strong girl.

meanwhile, the little one had been watching his sister play with the cow as she dragged it in.

the big bosses around them started to play with their sister. not far away, ninth master was holding mo nan’s pet with a smile on his face.”

looks like it’s not our turn to take care of the baby anymore. darling, let’s go watch your new movie, okay? ”

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