Chapter 1: Marry That Trash For Your Sister!

It was a scorching hot summer with few pedestrians walking on the street after lunchtime. Right then, a black car dashed past a boulevard.

In the car, a beautiful pregnant woman with a bulging belly was struggling crazily against her captor.

The woman shouted at the guy in a desperate voice. “Leng Qingle, leave me alone!”

The one to respond was Leng Qingqing, whose eyes had turned red as she bellowed hysterically. “Leave you alone? In your dreams! Wait until your life comes to an end, Sister. You are the cause of our family’s death. You think that we’ll let you go? The moment our parents died, we swore that we were going to torment you to your end. You are the root cause of every bad thing that has happened!”

“Yuan! Save me!” Leng Rongrong stroked her belly and screamed in despair. Tears continued to gush out of her eyes.


“Mo Linyuan is not coming to your rescue. He has forgotten you completely. You go and die with your twins!”

Deeply frightened, Leng Rongrong felt that the children in her belly seemed to sense the danger too. They started to move uncomfortably inside her.

This brother and sister duo was mental!

The rope around her wrists finally came off, and Leng Rongrong lunged towards the front seat. She gripped the steering wheel, trying to stop the car.

At that moment, a car suddenly crashed in from behind, and the black car swiveled, hanging precariously against the fence of the high bridge.

Leng Qingqing and Leng Qingle opened the car doors and climbed out.


“No!” As Leng Rongrong screamed out of fright, the car started to fall into the river.

Was she going to die?

What about her unborn children?

They had not yet had the chance to see this world!

The moment she fell into the river, Leng Rongrong desperately tried to protect her belly. They were Yuan’s children, and she did not want anything to happen to them, even though Yuan had forgotten her and them.

Inside her brain, numerous old memories flashed by, whilst a bitter smile hovered over her face.

It seemed that they were not going to make it.

Alright, Mo Linyuan, forget about us, you need to live on!

Up on the high bridge, another black car rushed in, making a loud crashing sound.

An extremely handsome yet lethal man strode out of the car and rushed towards Leng Qingqing and Leng Qingle. He grabbed Leng Qingle’s collar roughly. His pupils seemed to have been dyed deep red. “Where is Rongrong, where did you hide her?!”

“Dead, she is dead!”

“Hahahaha, Leng Rongrong is finally dead!”

Leng Qingqing, who stood next to them, was bleeding on the forehead and laughing like a banshee.

She pointed at the broken fence and said in a crazy voice, “She fell, together with the car. She is now in hell!”

“Rongrong!” Mo Linyuan tossed away Leng Qingle as if he were just a puppet, and quickly reached the fence. He looked down into the river, yet neither the car nor the woman could be seen. “I am sorry… so sorry Rongrong. I just remembered who you are. I am a scumbag!”


Five years ago.

“Dad, are you sure that Leng Rongrong would be willing to marry that trash in my place?”

“That is the purpose of bringing her back, right? I am her father and she has to obey me. Don’t worry, she is a dumb girl who thinks that she is back home because we all love her. Say something good to her and she will definitely help you.”

Leng Rongrong was asked to return to The Leng Family after staying for almost twenty years in the countryside. She thought that it was because of her father’s repentance that encouraged him to bring her home.

Yet within a week of her arrival, she heard such a conversation between her father and her stepsister.

No wonder the whole family had treated her so nicely during this week. They had not kept in touch with her for twenty years, and now she was suddenly being flattered by all of them. Till now, she hadn’t sensed any sincerity in their behaviour.

Finally she knew why. Apparently, they only had one purpose – for her to marry in the place of the stepsister.

She had heard vaguely about Leng Qingqing’s marriage. Rumor went that the parents of the two families had already set up an engagement between their children when they were young. Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family used to be a capable man, but a few years ago, he had an accident and became a cripple. It was said that all his limbs were impaired and he was as skinny as a walking ghost. He was ugly looking and totally useless. Anyone who married him would be ruined for life.

The Mo Family could not find anyone who was willing to marry Mo Linyuan. But the Old Master of the Mo Family adored this child deeply, so he used the childhood promise of engagement to threaten the Leng Family, ‘requesting’ Leng Qingqing to marry Mo Linyuan.

Leng Qingqing was really beautiful and possessed a fairly good family background. She was certainly not willing to marry a cripple.

When Mo Linyuan was healthy in the past, numerous women flocked to him because of the powerful background of the Mo Family, despite his looks.

But now Mo Linyuan was just a cripple, and was never going to be the heir of the Mo Family. He was nothing more than a black hole, bringing bad luck to everyone around him. No one was willing to marry an unpromising trash like him.

Leng Rongrong was not dumb. Hearing the father and the daughter, she rushed in and snapped at them. “I am not marrying him!”

Her father, Leng Guantang, who was busy concocting his evil plan, got startled by Leng Rongrong’s appearance. So did Leng Qingqing.

“You heard everything?” Leng Guantang threw a look at this slightly strange daughter.

Although she was his daughter, she didn’t grow up next to him. She had been left alone in the countryside without any care for the past twenty years. She was nothing more than a stranger to him.

He now had a pair of doting son and daughter, so Leng Rongrong’s presence was redundant.

“I heard everything, and I am not going to marry him! If you got me home for this purpose, then let me make it very clear – I will not agree to this!”

Leng Rongrong’s demeanor was intimidating.

She did grow up in the countryside, yet she had several quite amazing masters from whom she picked up a lot of skills. She was fearless and strong.

Li Mulan, her stepmother, said with a sad face, “Rongrong, you are Qingqing’s sister. The elder sister should guard her younger sister, right? Qingqing should have been the bride, but Qingqing already has a man she likes, and I can’t break them up. Also, Rongrong, the Mo Family is a large family, and they have an enormous enterprise so the Fourth Master would not be left behind. The Fourth Master may not be a healthy man, but his family is powerful still. If you marry him, you are going to be the Fourth Lady. Moreover, when he dies, you can remarry with his legacy. Your life is going to bloom!”

In shock, Rongrong looked at all of them and said, “What??”

Damn you! Why don’t you make your Leng Qingqing take over the legacy and marry the person she likes, later?

Leng Rongrong emitted an angry laughter as she looked at her family who was trying to persuade her. She was not moved at all.

She would rather die than accept this! It would be better to leave the Leng Family.

She was not willing to marry anyone she did not know, let alone a man who was doomed to have a short life…

Leng Rongrong had thought that nothing would be able to move her because she was not someone who could be bullied easily. But after days of failed persuasion, Leng Guantang got so annoyed that he threatened her with her mother’s legacy.

He threatened her that if she won’t get married to the guy, he was going to burn up everything that her mother had left to her, including the small house which her mother used to live in.

Leng Rongrong became really angry, but she had no other way out.

She just couldn’t give up her mother’s legacy!

Hence, she was forced to agree upon this marriage proposal!

The Mo Family did not have much against this proposal. Since no one was willing to marry Mo Linyuan, their proposal to have Leng Qingqing as the bride was also a desperate attempt on their part. Hence, if Leng Qingqing’s sister was willing to go ahead with the marriage, the swap was not a problem.

The Old Master had just one purpose – he needed a woman who would be able to take care of the Fourth Master.