Chapter 819 - 819: Complete Defeat, Hold On, Junior  

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Ye Lang and the others unleashed their most formidable attacks toward Li Hao.

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat, stunned by the might unleashed by Ye Lang and the others.

Then, everyone’s gaze landed on Li Hao.

Even in this critical moment, facing such a potent attack, Li Hao remained utterly composed.

It was not an exaggeration to describe Li Hao as calm.


“He’s quite strong, but that’s not enough,” muttered Li Hao.


In the following instant, Li Hao unleashed his formidable cultivation without restraint.

He possessed a third-grade Golden Immortal cultivation realm.

However, the aura emanating from Li Hao surpassed that of an ordinary third-grade Golden Immortal by a considerable margin.

“Sword, come.”


Right on the heels of that, Li Hao shouted coldly again.

As Li Hao finished speaking…

Buzz buzz buzz…

At that moment, the swords held by the disciples of the immortal sects in the arena seemed to act autonomously. They emitted ceaseless clanging sounds, as if they had received a command.

Swish swish swish.

In the next moment, long swords broke free from their master’s restraints and streaked through the Void, heading in Li Hao’s direction.

Longswords converged from all directions of the Tianxing Sect, gathering around Li Hao in the void.

They emitted a continuous hum, numbering in the hundreds and even thousands, and their ranks continued to swell.

“My sword!” “What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

At that moment, startled exclamations erupted from the disciples of the immortal sects. The sight before them left them utterly astounded.

With just one sentence… ‘Sword, come.’

Countless swords obeyed Li Hao’s orders.

What kind of power was this?! Longswords coalesced around Li Hao’s form, as if they had formed an expansive sword array encircling him.

The sword formation exuded an astonishing sword power, shrouding Li Hao within its embrace.

Li Hao’s once frenzied aura transformed into an intense presence. He resembled a sharp sword, the sovereign of blades, directing myriad swords.

As Lin Ping and their assaults descended upon Li Hao, the sword formation had already unleashed an awe-inspiring force.

The swords filling the heavens continuously shifted within the void, gleaming with a razor-sharp radiance that rendered the sword formation impregnable.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The sound of scouring continuously sounded in the void.

The formidable attacks launched by Lin Ping and the others were all obstructed by the sword formation.

Li Hao stood motionless beneath the sword array.

“Now, it’s my turn.” Seeing this, Li Hao smiled coldly and said in a low voice.

“Go!” Then, Li Hao spat out another word.

As Li Hao finished speaking, the enormous sword formation underwent a transformation at that very moment. It pivoted and changed into a deluge of swords that blanketed the sky. These swords coalesced into a colossal blade brimming with astonishing sword intent, hurtling towards them.

The huge sword descended.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

Another cry abruptly rang out, and bodies were sent hurtling.

“Pfft.’ “Pfft!”

These figures belonged to Lin Ping and the others. Blood gushed from their mouths as their forms crashed down from the stage, battered and bruised.

It was just one strike.

The collective attacks launched by the prodigies had been dismantled and had left them wounded.

Utterly defeated!

This was a complete defeat. “He lost!”

“Ye Lang and the others lost…’

“You can’t even withstand a single strike from the other party.”

“This is simply sweeping! He’s too strong!”

Immediate exclamations erupted from the surrounding disciples of the Heaven Execution Sect. They were all flabbergasted by the spectacle before them.

“This is… the rules of the Sword Dao!”

On the elevated platform, Zhao Tianlei’s expression soured as he mumbled. As a Mystic Immortal expert, he naturally discerned that the force Li Hao had recently employed was also the power of principles, but it was the principles of the Sword Dao.

One had to know that this guy had just used the power of lightning.

This individual, astonishingly, was a sword cultivator, and his comprehension of the Sword Dao had attained such an astounding degree. This was something Zhao Tianlei had not expected.

What made Zhao Tianlei even more depressed was that he had lost the bet.

Nonetheless, while one faction celebrated, another harbored concerns. A beaming grin appeared on MO Tianxing’s countenance.

It was as if he had expected this scene.

Lin Ping and the others, having regained their composure, appeared slightly pallid and dispirited.

Unbelievably, the eight of them had been utterly overwhelmed by the opponent.

Compared to the other party, how could they be called prodigies?

Or more precisely, the opponent was no ordinary prodigy; the opponent was a demon.

Especially Ye Lang.

As a practitioner of swordsmanship, he sensed a significant disparity and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

“Wasn’t it because of him that the Sword Wall collapsed last time?” muttered Ye Lang. He recollected the incident three years ago when the Sword Wall had crumbled. Back then, people had assumed that he had comprehended the sword intent embedded within it.

Now, it appeared that the person who had truly grasped the Sword Wall’s sword intent was Li Hao.

Li Hao had many methods, and Sword Dao was only one of them.

Even in the Sword Dao, Li Hao had comprehended the power of laws.

Li Hao stood atop the platform with an air of triumph. At this moment, everyone regarded him in a new light.

“There shouldn’t be anyone who wants to challenge, right?” Li Hao glanced around and said directly.

There was silence. No one dared to stand up again.

Even the eight prodigies had been vanquished by their adversary. Their efforts would be in vain.

“I believe no one has any objections to this last spot,” MO Tianxing’s voice slowly sounded from the main seat above.

No one spoke either.

There was no objection.

“Master Zhao Feng, you’ve lost.”

At this moment, MO Tianxing looked at Zhao Tianlei with a bright smile.

“Take it.”

Upon hearing MO Tianxing’s words, Zhao Tianlei appeared as if he had suffered a great defeat. His countenance grew unnaturally grim. In the following instant, he tossed a luminous sphere to MO Tianxing.

Contained within the luminous sphere was the immortal artifact, the Thunderclap Flowing Cloud Shuttle. action

Then, Zhao Tianlei left. Li Hao felt sad.

“The eleven of you, return and make your preparations. We will depart in three days,” MO Tianxing instructed the individuals who had secured their spots.

As Mo Tianxing finished speaking, the competition for the spots reached its


Everyone dispersed and went back to their homes.

Li Hao was on the brink of departing when once more, a voice reached his ears.

“Hold on, Junior”