Chapter 1  : Report the 200,000 Traveling People at the Start? “What? Someone managed to jailbreak?”

“D*mn, for real?”

“It’s true. Everyone, take a look at TikTok. It’s stated on TikTok. They are giving a reward of 200,000 yuan to capture him!”

TikTok was a very popular short video app. Basically, everyone in China used it.

Some people turned on their phones and after seeing the news, their expressions changed.

The Jiangbei Prison was one of the top ten criminal prisons in the country. Yet, a murderer managed to escape from prison.

Jiangbei Prison was a local prison. Everyone was in a panic.


“We’re doomed…”

Suddenly, the sound of police cars could be heard.

A police car stopped by the roadside. It was unknown if someone had just called the police or something.

Everyone saw a police officer get out of the car. She was a beautiful police officer with fair skin and a clean look. She looked even more valiant in her police uniform.

“Wow… I know her. She’s Xiao Yaoyao, the policewoman of Jiangbei Police Station.”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s her. I even paid attention to her voice!”


Someone recognized the beautiful policewoman.

At this moment, Xiao Yaoyao walked over with a poster in her hand.

What was she planning to do?

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am Jiangbei Police Station’s Xiao Yaoyao. Last night, someone escaped from Jiangbei Prison, but don’t panic. We’re already trying our best to capture him. This is a bounty notice issued by our bureau. As long as there are people who provide important clues to capture Jiangbei Police Station, they will receive a reward of 50,000 to 200,000 yuan.”

Xiao Yaoyao looked at everyone and said directly, hoping to get some clues from them.

“So the bounty is really 200,000!”

“Clues? No!”

“Let’s hurry back and see if there are any suspicious people around!”


The crowd was in an uproar again before dispersing gradually.

Xiao Yaoyao shook her head and was a little disappointed. She pasted the notice on the billboard by the roadside and prepared to leave in the police car.

“Wait, Officer Xiao!”

However, a voice stopped her.

Xiao Yaoyao followed the voice and saw that it was a young man. He looked alright, but his whole body was still wet, as if he had just been fished out from the water.

“Hi, what’s the matter?” Xiao Yaoyao asked politely.

The person who stopped Xiao Yaoyao was Li Hao.

The reason he called out to her was because Li Hao was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a “!” on this bounty notice.

That’s right, it was an exclamation mark.

Ever since he was rescued from the river, Li Hao was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a new system in his head.

The legendary system, God-grade Prompt System!

Li Hao had never imagined that something that only happened in novels would actually happen to him. He had become a person of destiny, and he believed that he would soon reach the peak of his life.

With this God-grade Prompt System, some special prompts could appear in the surrounding environment.

Li Hao also did not expect that other than people, there would actually be a notification on the items as well. Because just before, when he woke up, Li Hao saw a large exclamation mark above the head of the beautiful girl who had saved him.

However, before Li Hao could click on the notification on the girl’s head, she ran away in a hurry because of an urgent matter.

Now, there was another exclamation mark, and it was on this bounty notice.

Li Hao was excited.

What could the bounty notice indicate? It was obvious.

Li Hao decisively opened the exclamation mark on the notice.

[Pay 200 yuan and you will receive information about the prison breaker’s location. What are you waiting for?]

“Haha… as expected!”

Li Hao immediately laughed.


This system is so attractive!

It was indeed information about the prisoner who escaped from prison. They would then be able to capture him directly!

How was this a prison break? This was clearly 200,000 yuan!

The interface in front of him had become a QR code. As long as he paid 200 yuan, he would be able to obtain the location of the prison breaker.

Li Hao decisively paid 200 yuan.

[Ding-Dong, payment successful.]

[Prison breakout convict, Wang Tiezhu, 39 years old. Currently, he is in No. 4, fourth group of the Caihua Village in Wutong State, Jiangbei City. He is currently trying to disguise himself. After breaking out of prison, his partner drove a white van. The van is currently parked in a bush at the corner of No.7 of the fourth group of the Caihua Village in Jiangbei. The tools used by the suspect in his breakout are in the van.]

After receiving the tipoff, Li Hao said to Xiao Yaoyao.

“Officer Xiao, I have a very important clue about this prison breaker!”

“What? Do you have an important clue? What clue? Quickly tell me?”

Hearing Li Hao’s words, Xiao Yaoyao could not stay calm anymore. She was excited. This time, a murderer breaking out of prison was a very urgent matter. In less than a day, the entire Internet had exploded. It could be said that everyone in the country was paying attention to this matter, and many higher-ups also viewed it with great importance.

It was a rare opportunity for Xiao Yaoyao and the other policemen.

If they were able to capture this jailbreak criminal in time, that would be a great merit.

“The jail breaker is in Caihua Village in Wutong Town,” Li Hao quickly said.

“Don’t talk nonsense and deceive us policemen. If you lie, you are liable for charges!”

Xiao Yaoyao was still in disbelief.

“Sigh… It’s true. Investigate the surveillance cameras outside the village and see if you can find a white, dilapidated van. I happened to see that van when I passed by the prison yesterday. At that time, I was wondering why the van was parked beside the prison. Now that I think about it, it must be that guy’s accomplice who helped him escape,” Li Hao said seriously and looked at Xiao Yaoyao sincerely.

Xiao Yaoyao felt that Li Hao did not look like he was joking.

“Alright, I’ll believe you this once!”

Xiao Yaoyao quickly returned to the police car and started checking the surveillance cameras.

A moment later…

“Eh? There really is one!”

Xiao Yaoyao checked the surveillance cameras in the village and found the car that Li Hao was talking about.

At that moment, Xiao Yaoyao got excited.

“Come, get in the car with me.”

The next moment, Xiao Yaoyao got out of the car and pulled Li Hao into the police car.

Li Hao did not resist. This was 200,000 dollars. He was still waiting for the police to reward him.

As it turned out, the policemen reacted quickly and efficiently. Together with the clues that Li Hao had given them,

Caihua Village, which was nearby, was surrounded by the police within two hours.

Not long after, a bald man wearing a skirt and makeup was brought over by two police officers. It was the fellow who had escaped from prison. He had been arrested and there were two other accomplices beside him.

“Yaoyao, is this the clue provided by this little comrade?”

A middle-aged man wearing a police uniform walked up to Li Hao and Xiao Yaoyao.

“Yes! Chief Wang, it’s him!”

Xiao Yaoyao nodded and started to introduce Li Hao.

“This is our boss, Chief Wang.”

“Hello, Chief Wang!”

Li Hao nodded politely.

“Mhm! Not bad, comrade. It’s all thanks to you that we were able to arrest this jailbreaker in such a short time! Thanks!”

Wang Dajiang was in a good mood. As the head of the Jiangbei police department, he was the leader of the arrest team. Furthermore, the entire Internet was paying attention to the jailbreak incident. The higher-ups were also very concerned about it. He was under a lot of pressure.

But now, they had taken less than 24 hours to apprehend the fugitive.

This was a great contribution!

What happened at the prison was none of the police’s business.

Next, Wang Dajiang might receive a promotion because of this.

When Li Hao heard Wang Dajiang’s words, he said weakly, “Well… Chief Wang, I’ve heard that the police are awarding people who provide info…”

Before Li Hao could finish, Wang Dajiang burst into laughter.

“Haha, don’t worry, comrade. You’ll definitely be rewarded.”

“Yaoyao, bring him back to the station to record a simple statement and collect the reward!” Wang Dajiang ordered Xiao Yaoyao and left.

Then, Li Hao followed Xiao Yaoyao back to the police station. They made a simple statement and verified some information. Of course, they also did some registration and verification of Li Hao’s identity.

Li Hao was just an ordinary college student. He was pure and innocent.

When Li Hao walked out of the police station again, 200,000 yuan had been transferred to his bank account.