Novel Summary Shen and Ming, two top wealthy families, have married. As the object of marriage, Professor Ming is obsessed with scientific research, education, and psychological construction and can’t extricate himself. He really has no relationship with the big devil Shen Tinglan! The two of them don’t even bother to play every scene, and Ming Qianye thinks about being annulled by the Great Demon King all the time! However, relying on the exorbitant looks, talents and abilities of both parties, CP fans come here uninvited, looking forward to their interaction every day, begging for dog food to fit together, and trying hard to find evidence of their love… Professor Ming finally couldn’t take it anymore and sent a message to showdown with the big devil—— [Senior, I actually just want to have a fake relationship with you! 】 The Great Demon King: [Call me husband, I will have a real relationship with you. 】 Professor Ming frowned: [I don’t want to fall in love! 】 The big devil called directly: “What’s the matter? I just donated the laboratory and the teaching building, and last night I said that I performed well, but the next day I turned my face and refused to recognize anyone? Have you learned how to cheat money and sex?” Professor Ming was shocked: “I didn’t, I… am participating in the show…” Followed by ‘Duddu…’ That phone is hung up! The audience in the live broadcast room exploded: 【Did the words just now come from the mouth of Mr. Shen, who is so handsome? 】 【How did Great Demon King Shen behave last night? Is it the color I thought it was? 】 [Can you describe the details? We don’t lack this traffic! ! ! 】 - Description from MTLNovel Details After Getting Engaged To Mr. Shen novel is a popular light novel covering Romance genres. Written by the Author Beichuan Yunshang Brocade .
Latest Chapter: Chapter 814: extra four
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