Chapter 1655: The daughter’s surname is Jing Zuo Jia felt a little helpless about Fu rongting’s hobby, but she did not reject it, just a little shy.

She hugged Fu rongting’s waist and softly called him “brother” in his ear.

Fu rongting felt his bones go soft!

If Zuo Jia wasn’t pregnant now, he would have wanted her regardless of the consequences.

But now, he could only dabble in it.

Fortunately, his willpower was extraordinary. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to resist being so intimate with his wife.

After carrying out a mission, Fu rongting had once again entered his leisurely vacation life.


Zuo Jia had some morning sickness, and her spirit was not very good after being tortured by the child. Fu rongting cooked for her in various ways every day.

His cooking skills were getting better and better, and he could even make the most ordinary vegetables fresh and delicious.

Zuo Jia had not liked to drink water since she got pregnant. Fu rongting prepared juice for her every day, only feeling at ease when he saw her drink it.

The days of accompanying each other passed by quickly. Fu rongting accompanied Zuo Jia to her prenatal examination one day. When he came out, he happened to meet Lou Ziling.

Lou Ziling held the baby’s clothes in her hands and quickly entered the hospital.

“Jing Xi has a baby, right?” Zuo Jia couldn’t help but ask.


“It should be,” Fu rongting nodded. Otherwise, Lou Ziling would not be so happy.

In the hospital’s high-class Ward, Jing Xi was lying on a white bed with a sleeping baby beside her.

Jing Yichen and Shangguan ning were both there. Even Jing Rui and Jing Zhi had put down their work and came to visit their sister and niece.

Jing Zhi had never raised a child before. He had been waiting for a while, but his niece didn’t open her eyes.

“Xixi, why is she still sleeping? Is there something wrong with him?”

Jing Xi glared at him.”You’re the one who’s crazy! My baby is very healthy!” Newborn babies sleep a lot. They’re uncultured!”

Jing Zhi rubbed his chin.”I don’t have a child. How would I know?” he said.

Jing Xi had wanted to despise him, but her heart ached when she heard his words.

“Why don’t I give my baby to you to raise? then you’ll have a daughter!” She gritted her teeth and looked up.

Before Jing Zhi could refuse, Lou Ziling said,”No, I don’t agree!”

This was his daughter, how could he give her away?

Not even Jing Xi’s cousin!

Shangguan ning held her daughter’s hand with a smile and said softly, “Don’t worry, Xixi. Your second brother and sister-in-law will have children. Your sister-in-law is an expert in this field. She already said that she’ll be able to overcome this problem in a year. ”


Jing Xi was both surprised and happy. The worry in her heart had finally been relieved.

“You’ve been in the hospital for a few days. Aren’t you going home?”

Jing Rui looked around the hospital and felt that it was better for his sister to go home.

Lou Ziling looked at the mother and daughter on the bed and said in a gentle voice,””Yes, Xixi, let’s go home. Your condition and the child’s condition have stabilized.”

When Jing Xi gave birth, she was in a critical condition. The child’s breathing was extremely weak after birth, and the medical staff had to do their best to save her.

So, Jing Xi was always afraid that something would happen to her daughter again, so she stayed in the hospital and refused to leave.

However, the child had been eating and sleeping well for the past two days. The doctor also said that he was very healthy and could be discharged.

Jing Xi hesitated for a while, but she still didn’t agree to go home.

“It’s good to stay here. Let’s stay here first. We can be discharged when the baby is one month old!”

Jing Xi kissed her daughter’s face and turned to Jing Yichen.”Dad, Ziling and I haven’t thought of a name for the baby yet. You’re the most cultured one. Hurry and think of a name!”

When did he become the most cultured person?

Jing Yichen looked at her calmly and said, “Let’s just call it Lou Wenhua. ”

Everyone was amused by him and laughed out loud. The noise was so loud that it woke up the baby.

However, she didn’t cry even after she woke up. She blinked her large, grape-like eyes and blew bubbles adorably.

Jing Zhi was curious. He pushed Lou Ziling aside and put his face in front of his niece. He teased her,”Little beauty, come and kiss me!”

Jing Xi laughed so hard that she almost vomited blood. Her second brother was so handsome that even the gods would be angered by him. Why did he speak like a hooligan?

However, the baby who was blowing bubbles smiled at him, as if he liked him very much.

“Hahaha, Xixi, your daughter likes me! I’ll carry it home, otherwise it’ll be so painful for the rain to give birth to itself!”

Jing Xi rolled her eyes at him. She had been worried that her second brother was childless, but it was all for nothing!

He only knew how to dote on his wife!

“Xixi, look at how cute she is. Let’s call her Lou cutie!”

Jing Zhi’s suggestion was rejected by everyone else.

“You are indeed the most uncultured!”

Jing Rui laughed at him.”I think Xixi’s child should take our last name. Jing!” Since you’re so good-looking, let’s call you Jing Meili!”

“Can’t you guys be more reliable?” This name will follow her for the rest of her life. What’s with ‘cultured’,’cute’,’pretty’? when she grows up, it’s time for her to settle the score with you!”

“Xixi, this is fine,” Lou Ziling said seriously.


“You’re willing to let your daughter be called pretty?” Jing Xi was shocked. No matter how beautiful she was, she couldn’t be named ‘beautiful’!

“No, I’m not talking about that. I’m saying that we can let our daughter take your surname.”

Family Jing all looked at Lou Ziling. Jing Yichen said seriously,”Ziling, are you serious?”

Lou Ziling nodded.”Dad, mom, I’ve thought about it. I’ll let her take Xixi’s surname. She worked so hard to give birth to the child, so it’s fine for the child to take her surname.”

Jing Zhi looked at Lou Ziling in surprise. He didn’t expect Lou Ziling to be so open-minded.

As Zheng yuluo’s parents did not have a son, they had mentioned several times that if they had a child in the future, they would let the child bear the surname Zheng.

But he was not willing and never agreed.

If he were to have a child, the child must follow his surname!

Jing Zhi looked at Lou Ziling with admiration. Jing Xi had a good eye for people. She had picked a good husband!

Jing Yichen asked worriedly,”Ziling, do your parents agree to this?”

“He’ll agree,”Lou Ziling replied with a smile.

Lou Mingyang would be very happy if his granddaughter’s surname was Jing instead of Lou.

Jing Yichen had no idea how important he was in Lou Mingyang’s heart.

However, since his granddaughter’s surname was Jing, Lou Mingyang would definitely make him and Jing Xi have another child. The younger one would definitely have the surname Lou.

After confirming that the child’s surname was Jing, Jing Yichen had to be more careful when naming the child.

It didn’t matter to him what his name was, but if his surname was Jing, he would have to face the Jing family when he went out. He couldn’t be called Jing Wenhua, could he?

How unpleasant to hear!

Jing Xi didn’t think too much about it. She only felt that Lou Ziling really loved her enough to let the child take her last name.

Her heart softened and she smiled.””Ziling, let’s call her Jinglou! Did it sound good?”